Management of helicopters and vessels for owners

Pilot and Charter

No contracts necessary. We take care of all the admin.

Pilot and Charter have dealt with the following in the recent past and gives you an example of what we can do:

  • Acquisition of helicopter under N-reg using US Trust
  • Importing to Europe by container, including blade and mast removal if necessary, and VAT and duty formalities
  • All kinds of servicing and connections with large number of friendly commercial pilots
  • Repositioning anywhere to anywhere (e.g. we repositioned an R66 from Hammerfest to London)
  • Trip logistics - Helipaddy assisted with very complex permits, fuel deposits and avionics equipment for a North Pole trip
  • Ownership structures (e.g. LLP with VAT registration)
  • Avionics planning and installation on G, N and RA registered helis
  • Partnership with Helipaddy, the world's only comprehensive landing site database - excellent knowledge of lunch and refuelling spots
  • Pilot and Charter's founders are both current PPL(H) on both G and N-reg
  • Accurate and comprehensive formal and management accounts using Xero
  • Pilot and Charter can assist with crew, including petty cash management, maritime contracts and budgeting
  • Experience in company formation in Cyprus, Malta and UK
  • Experience with refits in particular helidecks
  • Strong IT skills particularly with view to making information easily accessible to owners - we have in-house web developers


Refit of 67 metre Expedition yacht with helipad capable of circumnavigating the globe. See design project here.


Crew management including maritime contracts, salaries, recruitment and insurance


Design of helideck on 70m super yacht to handle large helicopters